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We Believe in a Better World. Our search tool allows you to find more than twenty species of animals.  Yes, cute little puppies and kittens too.

Our mission is to fight animal cruelty and protect animal rights through advocacy, education and rescue efforts. Working together, we are involved in many initiatives promoting respect and humane treatment of all animals.

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About Help Rescue Animals

Established in 2018

As a leading Pet Rescue Organization, our projects and campaigns are recognized around the world. We work to unite people of all ages and backgrounds who share in the belief of a world where animals are free from cruel and inhumane treatment. Help Rescue Animals is run by members for its members, offering a united, amplified voice for all who join our community.

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Helping Those in Need


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Latest News

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Stopping Puppy Mills

To end the cruel treatment of dogs in mass breeding operations.

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Improving Laws For Animals

Helping to create, promote, enact, and enforce stronger animal-protection laws is a big part of what we do. 

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Shelter Intake & Surrender

One of the largest challenges facing animal welfare organizations today is the sheer number of animals in need of assistance.

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