Why do you require me to join to use your adoption search engine?

The honest answer is that our mission is to we are here to raise funds to support our causes and think it's only fair to ask for a small donation or purchase of our amazing fundraiser coffee.  

What's the minimum donation?

We prefer to ask how much is it worth to you to find a life long companion? If you really must know it only takes a $1.35.

Where does the coffee come from?

We started a coffee roasting company to support this charity.  Our roasting company is Raise a Cup.  All coffees are roasted to order in New York and ship directly to your home.  We aren't bragging when we say this is the best coffee you will ever brew.  Check us our at

Where are you located?

We are located in Idaho.  Our roasting facility is in New York.  We operate online along with our volunteers to keep our overhead cost as low as possible.