Happy Tail: Pony prances into a couple’s life and heart

Happy Tail: Pony prances into a couple’s life and heart


Her husband recalls her persistence during their first year of marriage. “She was looking at the Petfinder app every day nonstop [asking] ‘What about this one? What about this one?’” But Eric wasn’t quite as ready for a dog and was actually allergic to certain kinds. However, after some research and more gentle nudges, Ilana finally wore him down.

“I was like, ‘What about these Chinese Crested? They kind of look like 80s Japanese rock stars!’” she said. Eric agreed the breed would be a good fit, and after finding Pony on Petfinder, the couple adopted him on July 3, 2011 from Bluebell’s Rescue in Houston, Texas. The rescue even provided them a carrier, leash, toys, food and bowls, making the adoption process incredibly seamless.


Eric quickly warmed up to the new addition in his life as well. “[Before Pony] I was more of a cat person, but he’s kind of like a cat-dog,” he said. He especially appreciates the companionship Pony offers throughout the work day. “I work by myself so it’s really nice to have him with me. He’s my buddy and he’s customer service with everyone else who comes into the store.”

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