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What is in my food?

Do you really know what is being put into your beloved fur animals?However almost 70% of dog owners are not aware of the ingredients in their dog's food,Just like humans,certain dogs require special nutrition to ensure a strong healthy dog.The essential nutritions such as fats,carbohydrates,protein,minerals and vitamins are crucial in a dog's diet.Dogs require the highest quality of food.Unfortunately not all dog food are the same.All dog food's indgredients are listed in order of the ingredients order of weight.Therefor the ingredients listed first at the top of the list has the highest amount in terms of weight in the food.Certain dog food brands have extra added chemicals such as unspecified proteins such as just "meat" or labeling such as "products from China and rendering plants".Some other things to avoid as cautions are words such as corn,wheat,soy,BHA,BHT,and the list goes on and on.Learn to recgonize ingredients list that start with actual identifable products such as beef,chicken,and etc.If you can't pronounce it,it's safer to stay away from it!Also keep in mind that a dog diet's will vary depending on their breed,size,and age therfor it is safe to consult a vetenarian to ensure precide diet requirments,

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